Everyone who has a voice can sing, and everyone who sings can improve.  Whether you’re preparing for a performance, an audition, working to improve your technique, or rehabilitating from a vocal injury, I can help you gain a greater understanding of your voice while improving your range, endurance, consistency, power, resonance, overall vocal fitness, and we’ll have a good time while we’re at it! 

Technique Building:  I will help you deepen your understanding of the underlying fundamentals of voice:  Breath, Vocal Fold Vibration, and Resonance.  I have a broad range of exercises that I draw upon to tailor a personalized regimen of vocalises to meet your individual vocal needs.  Great advancement and real growth are possible when we build our voices on a foundation of solid vocal technique.

Audition Preparation and Song Coaching.  We’ll work together to make sure you’re getting the most from your voice as we get your song performance-ready.   

Audition Book Building:  Let’s not have any more embarrassing experiences by being unprepared in audition rooms!  Having a well prepared book is a basic requirement for musical theater performers.  I have a battle tested and proven system to make sure that you’re as prepared as possible.  

Vocal Therapy and Rehab:  Whether you’re dealing with an acute or chronic injury, whether you’re pre or post treatment, or whether you’re just trying to keep your voice from “circling-the-drain” while on your tour or in your show.  I work with an elite voice-team of Laryngologists and Speech Language Pathologists, and together we will co-manage your vocal rehabilitation.  I have worked with singers with a broad spectrum of vocal pathologies from across all possible styles of voice.  

Group Lessons: When time allows I run a group voice class called TYLEY’S VOICE JAM.  It’s a combination of voice and movement exploration woven into a holistic approach designed to free your voice and invigorate your artistic spirit. It’s a process based workshop held in a supportive group setting and is welcoming to all, from elite professional singers, to amateurs who would simply like to explore the mysteries of their own voices.


“Free your mind, Free your voice! Tyley nurtures a sense of freedom and letting-go that will renew your joy of making sound.”

“Challenging without being threatening. Grounded in a combination of knowledge of the craft, sensitivity, intelligence, and thoughtfulness about the world and life. Excellent Experience! A big surprise!”

“I could feel tension being released that I didn’t even know was there”

“Wholly satisfying, enlightening, interesting and exciting. Tyley’s enthusiasm, passion and concern really go a long way to breaking down anxieties and fears. I feel a few batteries recharged.”


Where do you teach?

I teach at a few locations in mid-town Manhattan.  My main office is at the Langone Voice Center on East 37th Street, but I also work at studios in the Time Square area at 46th and Broadway, and a studio in the Washington Square Park area.

How long is a lesson?

Sessions are one hour long which includes time for you to arrive and get settled (actual teaching time is usually around 55 minutes)

Do you do house-calls or backstage calls?

I do, but I charge for my travel.  

Do you do Skype lessons?

I prefer to see clients in person, but if that’s not possible, I’m happy to book a session via Skype.  

What is your rate?

I don’t publish my rate online.  I try to keep my rates affordable for working performers and performing union members.   If an accompanist is required, their fee is not included in the overall session fee.  

How do I pay?  

Your first session must be paid in advance online to confirm your booking.

How do I book a session?

Send me a message through the contact page. 

What if I’m late for our appointment?

Sessions begin and end at the scheduled times. Sessions that begin late due to the client arriving late will end at the appointed time with no discount.  

What is your cancellation policy?

I require a minimum of 24 hrs notice to cancel a lesson.

What is your Privacy policy: As much as I’d like to brag about my talented singers, I don’t discuss my clientele.   I respect the privacy of all my singers as though I were a doctor or therapist.  What happens in the studio stays in the studio.

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